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Knowing about relatives and ancestors past is a typical way to acquire knowledge about the origin of the present generation. After a significant amount of time, many people start searching census records to know ancestors well and many a time to make genealogy tree.

Census repository provides a wealth of socio-economic information about people such as names of each member of a household, their date of birth and places, if home rented or owned, value of the home, marriage details, if born in America or in some other country, in case of foreign born- year of immigration, citizenship status and naturalization year, education and occupation details and other associated data.

Facts about TN Censuses:

Some of the Tennessee Federal census records from 1800-1820 are known to be missing, but complete records from the year 1830 are available for public inspection. TN State census was enumerated only once in the year 1891 (not complete), which is often used in place of the lost 1890 Decennial Census Records. The 1890 census schedules were destroyed in the 1920 warehouse fire, however, the Union Veterans and Widows records are known to have survived the fire. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of this state was 6,346,105 (approx), 11.5% increase from the 2000 enumeration.

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